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Friday, March 28, 2008

Support Request Letter

There is no doubt that God is working in exciting and radical ways all over the world. God has opened up a thrilling opportunity for me to take my very first mission trip! I will be traveling in a group of six fellow Christians on a Missions trip May 15-29, 2008, to Sendai, Japan. We will be working with a Navigator college ministry there. The Navigators is “an international Christian outreach ministry to college campuses, military bases, inner cities, prisons, and youth camps.” (http://www.navigators.org/)

Less than 1% of the Japanese population say that they are Christians. They live in a very materialistic society, and they do not realize that they are spiritually needy. English, as the international language, and Americans are very popular. College students especially admire Western culture. Most students have never read the Bible, have never been to church, have never had a Christian friend, and have no Biblical concept of God. Simply being American gives us opportunities to connect with Japanese people, to share our faith, and to connect them with Japanese Christians.

Clubs are very common in Japan - students join an average of five clubs during their time in college. One of the ways The Navigators reach out to students is through a club called B.E.S.T.: Bible, English, Sports, and Travel. The Bible is first in the title, so that students will know that it is not a hidden agenda, but rather a book that is worthy of being read by everyone. Students want to improve their English abilities, to get involved with other students, and to travel (especially overseas), but find it difficult to do on their own. The school year starts in April, so we will be there just in time to help recruit. Our goal for the trip will be to meet new students and invite them to join the club. B.E.S.T. provides a forum where Christians can relate to students’ interests, build relationships with them, and expose them to the Bible and the Christian faith in the context of a variety of activities.

Please pray for me, that I will be bold in sharing my faith, that I will put my own desires aside and listen to the Lord, and that I will have compassion for the lost. My cost for traveling expenses, food, and lodging is approximately $2350. In addition, I would also like to take with me some Japanese-English Bibles, about $30/each for these bilingual New Testaments. The trip is being funded through donations and by those of us going on the mission trip. I am very excited to serve and minister on this trip, and I ask you to join me in this ministry. I am seeking your support and prayers for this trip.

Thank-you for considering partnership with me in this ministry.

Love in Christ,


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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Welcome to my brand-new blog.

So you have seen my letter and you know where I am going.

I will be posting periodically as I prepare for my upcoming mission trip, and hopefully I will be able to access it while I am there to update you on our activities. Please post a comment and introduce yourself!