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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Reviews For Jazalyn's Novels

Hello, I'm an emerging global author-poet and I would like to have a
review from you for one/two orall three of my current books of your
choice. They are light poetry novels: short read poems with a premise.
It's abstract fiction written in lyrical verse.

In general, you can expect abstract narrative poetry,
psychophilosophical mystery, supernatural science fantasy etc.

I'm interested notonly for expertise but also impressions from a
simple point of view. Even a few words would suffice.

Brief Introduction:

vViIrRuUsS: INever Forget, dystopian apocalyptic science fantasy
mystery of crime fiction
Premise: A dangerous world where everyone can become a criminal.

Rose: Future Heart, dark fantasy cozy mystery of
Premise: A rare rose strives to turn a blurry past into a bright future.

Hollow: A Love Like ALife, supernatural romantic suspense of
spiritual/mystical fantasy romance
Premise: A spiritual wind makes an impossible romance possible.

Wide Publication: 2020, 2021, 2022 Independently Published

Word count: Around 10.000 words each

I could send to you the book/s through Book Funnel, you'll have a wide
variety of options how to download the book/s. *Note: you don't have
to have Bookfunnel account.

Main Links to my books:


Main Social Media:


Thank you