Japan Mission Team

  • Our Fearless Leader: Mr. Yeager
  • The Guys: Michael, Josh, Joe
  • The Gals: Rebecca, Evie, Amy
  • Our Hosts: Mr. and Mrs. Ogawa

Monday, May 26, 2008


Monday morning, Kishinami-san took us to visit the farm of one of his churchmembers. He has rice, gardens, and one cow.

The churchmembers took us to visit a Mine Park where precious metals were mined many years ago. We took a tour of the mine, had a picnic lunch prepared by one of the church ladies, and went for a walk.

We were then taken to see some scenic spots like Mount Kurikoma and this beautiful waterfall:

Our last stop was a Christian nursing home where Kishinami-san's father lives. We sang some songs for them (they loved hearing Amazing Grace in English!) and introduced ourselves.

Back in Sendai, one of our new friends took us to eat supper at the restaurant where she works. The restaurant is famous for a dish called Omurice, which is an egg omelet filled with ketchup rice and topped with sauce.

We ended the long weekend by taking many students to see the movie Narnia: Prince Caspian at the theater. Hopefully this movie will spark many future discussions about the Narnia book series and its example of Christianity.

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