Japan Mission Team

  • Our Fearless Leader: Mr. Yeager
  • The Guys: Michael, Josh, Joe
  • The Gals: Rebecca, Evie, Amy
  • Our Hosts: Mr. and Mrs. Ogawa

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Ogawa:

Saturday, we met for a time of prayer at UpTen before heading downtown to pass out tracts. Reception was mixed - some received them gladly, but some refused. We also encountered two Mormon missionaries passing out tracts in the same place. We split into groups of two and three. Parents with children were more eager to talk with us, but many people were just too busy.

We had lunch at Mos Burger, a fast food burger joint with a *Very* Japanese twist.

We spent the afternoon shopping downtown for souvenirs.
Kokeshi dolls:

Kimono store:

Saturday evening, we met Ogawa-san and some students at Kappazushi for an amazing sushi supper. We got to try all kinds of strange, new foods!  The food came to the tables by conveyer belt and you paid 105 Yen per plate (about a dollar):

Rebecca tried flying fish roe:

...and Evie had raw scallop sushi with onions and sauce on top:

Sunday and Monday we will be going on an overnight trip to visit one of Mr. Yeager's old friends, so I probably won't have an opportunity to blog again until Tuesday.

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randybethpierce said...

Hi from Claire Pierce. God bless you all!! (ps, I love you Evie!!)

What brave eaters!!
Thank you Amy for your daily updates
It was fun to read them today. We just figured out how to get on this sight. Thanks to Madonna Biggers!!
Better late than never I suppose...
hang in there. As you all know God's word will not comes back void. Many truths of God did I hear along the way... A little seed, a little water, some dormant time...(for some..)
Mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance!!!
Beth and the Pierce's